The Wonderful World of Sock Monkeys!

A visit from vintage sock monkeys

Aunt Molly, left and Gertrude, right - lifetime friends!

I’ve been working on a couple of monkeys on my breaks at work, which has initiated a lot of interest from those I work with and loads of sharing their personal sock monkey memories. Lots of people had them when they were kids, but lucky for me, a couple still own their monkeys and promised to bring them to work for show and tell.

My coworker Stephanie told me she had two monkeys when she was little, and really wanted me to see them. She loves these monkeys and is really happy she’s held on to them for more than 50 years. “Gertrude” and “Aunt Molly” were gifts from her grandfather in the mid 1950s, when Stephanie was about four years old. “My grandfather worked for the Adler Hosiery Company in Cincinnati, and I think he bought them from somebody at work who made them.” Aunt Molly was named for one of her favorite aunts, and she couldn’t remember why she named her Gertrude. “I guess he just looked like a Gertrude to me,” she said. At one time Gertrude did have an outfit, but Stephanie told me it’s been gone for years.

These two girls are charmers! We set them up in the middle of the work table, gave Gertrude a sprig of holly to put her in a holiday mood, and they kept us company for several days. I love the pipe cleaner glasses on Aunt Molly. I’ve been wondering

Aunt Molly and her great glasses

how to do glasses for one of my monkeys in progress, and now I know! And Gertrude has a really interesting face – it’s actually another toe end of a sock that has been appliqued on to the sock body. Another great idea and gives Gertrude so much character.

Gertrude has the best face!

Enjoy the pictures of these sweet holiday visitors…..


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