The Wonderful World of Sock Monkeys!

Time to meet Monkey!


Another introduction to a coworker’s vintage sock monkey this week. Kara’s mom made “Monkey” for her in the early 1970s when she was two years old. Her mom is a phenomenal seamstress and during her 4H sewing days won lots of ribbons at the Nebraska State Fair for her projects. I really like Monkey’s embroidered face, which is great for a little kid – no buttons or other trim to come off and accidentally be swallowed.

One of the awesome things about Monkey are the photos Kara has of him from when she was little. Like so many of our moms did when we left for college, Monkey was packed away into a box with other childhood playthings. A few years ago while Kara was going through these boxes, Monkey was found and happily reunited with his owner. Unfortunately, some nasty critter was less-than-kind to his arm and part of his tail while he was in storage. After some surgery and restoration, he’s good as new, even though he’s now an amputee. We decided it sounded a lot more noble and gave Monkey good street cred to say he’d lost his arm in the infamous “Playground Wars” of the 1980s.

Aunt Molly, Monkey and Gertrude

Monkey joined Aunt Gertrude and Molly on the work table and kept us company for awhile – they look great together!

Kara and Monkey with her dad - Christmas 1973

Kara and toy friends, including Monkey - 1974

Monkey is a fighter! Now an amputee, he still has a cheerful outlook on life -

Monkey looks on as Kara opens one of her other favorite childhood presents - an orange acrylic crocheted shawl - 1973

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