The Wonderful World of Sock Monkeys!

Christmas sock monkey

Is it too early to plan for Christmas 2012?

There is so much awesome sock monkey stuff on the market now – calendars, hats, cards, ornaments, and my favorite – fabric! But I don’t seem to shop at the right stores because I never seem to find it until somebody says, “Hey – I was thinking about you the other day when I saw this cool sock monkey fabric – I figured you already had it….” NO! The best stuff I have are the pieces people have picked up or sent to me.

Muggles models his Christmas collar

So, of course I had no idea there was CHRISTMAS SOCK MONKEY FABRIC until my mother-in-law, Sandy, sent holiday collars for the dogs made from it! She’s got a fancy sewing machine that does all kinds of embroidery, so she had embroidered the dogs’ names on the collars and attached a bunch of little jingle bells to them. Noodle had no problem wearing it, but Muggles’ reaction kind of reminded me of Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” when he’s forced to put on the pink bunny suit and come downstairs for everyone to see it – “Oh god, why are you putting me through this humiliation” was the thought bubble I pictured hovering above Muggles’ head while he had it on. We didn’t make him suffer longer than snapping the photo to send

Noodle in her holiday finery (and never camera shy)

off to Sandy.

And as a bonus, Sandy sent me a half yard of each of the Christmas prints she found – I know I haven’t yet put all of my 2011 Christmas stuff away yet, but I’m already planning some crafty stuff with my new fabric for Christmas 2012 – someone should shoot me…..


the start of 2012 holiday projects.....


....and even more to work with!